RayanKhodro SPD240 R-Tune S


RayanKhodro SPD240 R-Tune S

Display: LCD High Resolution & High Bright Display 4.3 inch
OBD channels: electronic OBD channel switching
Remote troubleshooting (Diag.): Providing Tele Assistant services and instructions to other repairmen
Road test: Performing chassis dynamometer or moving-vehicle tests
Data storage: Client data archive and previous records of checked-in vehicles
Wiring: Wiring diagrams of vehicles
Connections: Computer/Tablet plug-in through USB or Bluetooth for

Troubleshooting (Diag.) on larger computer monitors before clients’ eyes -
Archiving and retrieving client and vehicle records -
Retrieving and printing previously and currently recorded errors and parameters (Windows XP/Vista/7/10 are supported)-

Frame: A beautiful industrialized frame equipped with protective steel sheets to protect internal sensitive parts.
Display: Industrial, daylight/sunlight readable, color displays.
Keyboard: A separate independent keyboard.
TPMS: Tires temperature and pressure monitoring system (TPMS) programming tools (Optional).
Barcode reader: Installed in vehicle production lines.
Integrated cables and switches: Compatible with Bosch Diag. Box tools.
Covers: A leather protection cover and handling bag (out of charge video training).
Guarantee period: 2 years.

SPD240 Software Specifications
A multi-language program (could be developed to add other languages).
Diagnosing the errors of engines, automatic gearboxes, security and immobilizer systems, key and remote control, ABS brakes and airing, airbag and pre-tensioner seatbelts, CNG systems, A/C air conditioning (ventilation) systems, indicators and lamps, trip computers, audiovisual devices, hydraulic steering wheels. Defining and replacing different automotive parts, converting the ECU of a vehicle to another one, defining and replacing BSI, CPH, ECU, internal automotive network and devices, driver and passenger tools, etc
Automatic downloading and ECU recognition, and ECU data archiving to retrieve them, when necessary.
Reading OBD channel key codes.

R-Tune: Specialized Tuning and Remap Program
A product of Rayan Khodro Andish (the first producer of Diag. boxes in Iran.)
Improving vehicles’ performance: the specialized R-tune program provides clients with ECU parameters and variables, making it possible to alter the original ECU settings by clients’ requirements.
Correct ECU alteration (ECU remap) will result in maximum efficiency.

R-Tune Specifications
Installable on Rayan Khodro Andish Diag. boxes, SPD series (SPD570, SPD270, SPD240.)
Automatic detection of different ECU dumps.
Reading ECU program before remapping it to support previously installed remaps.
Detecting tens of remapping tables in ECU memory, deleting sensor errors or speed limits, cut-off or hard cut-off regulation, spark timing and fuel injection setting, and torque, air/fuel ratio, fan temperature adjustment, and so on
Automatic Tuning: Designed to simplify requests for increased acceleration or decreased fuel consumption. It automatically alters settings in ECU tables. Therefore, the user does not need to alter setting tables manually.
Deleting the error codes of different ECUs.
Correcting odometer in ECU dump.
Automatically ECU check-sum calculating and recording in ECU dump after altering ECU settings.
High-speed data read/record from/in ECU.
Supporting over 300 ECU types, including Siemens, Boush, Valeo, Sagem, and SSAT.
Wide after-sales services and supports.

R-Tune Advantages
Auto mechanics can alter ECU tables and instructions using the R-Tune program to adjust ECUs according to the driver’s needs and favorites.
Eliminating different engine problems, including on-drive knocking, increasing engine power and acceleration, reducing fuel consumption, altering fan’s ON temperature, regulating idle speed, changing and modifying RPM cut-off, and increasing or deleting speed limits.
Some automotive producers do not accurately consider the climate parameters of different regions. Moreover, general limitations, including speed limits, have been set for different parameters in the original ECU settings. R-Tune remap can accurately alter the ECU program of any vehicle according to the driver’s needs.
R-Tune allows realizing client’s requests through some alterations to some ECU mapping tables.
Diag. Box owners can install different diagnostic packages by contacting the sales department of our company or visiting our sales system at  www.RayanKhodro.com
Professional specialists should use this program. Therefore, Rayan Khodro Andish holds different remap and tuning training courses.

SPD240 Technical Specifications
Processor: ARM CORTEX M4.
Memory: 8-32 GB.
Display: TFT4.3 800*480 with touch.
Daylight/sunlight readable.
Separate keyboard: Available.
Connection: Updatable Bluetooth.
Operating temperature: 0-70°C.
Inlet voltage: 7-40 volts.
Short-circuit voltage tolerance: 0-35 V.
Updatable through: USB/Internet.
Software updating through USB/Internet.
Frame: ABS with a stainless steel protection layer (Stainless Steel 314)


Made In Iran

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